Being In The Moment

A few weeks ago I started doing something new to my pots.I was working one Saturday and I started thinking about all that goes on around me while I'm in my studio and my family is busy doing different activities. I was thinking how really I wasn't to separated from what was going on because I constantly have interruptions while I'm working on the back porch that is off our kitchen. There are days I do try to shut all the noise and activity out, but most weekends it is pretty impossible. After lights go out and Joey and I think everyone is settled in for the night on the week days,( I go out to work and he catches up with life on the computer) many nights I get pulled back into the house for a moment or two.

I've become so use to interruptions in my routine that some how I think it determines what I start to make or how I finish something. This is where the phase "In the Moment" sort of came into my head a stuck there. After finishing a platter one day I wrote my name, the month and the day on the back. Lately I thought it would be interesting for whomever bought one of my pots to know what was going on that day. I tried to take a photo of the back of one of these mugs.Half of them say " Mecca, February, Valentine's day" and the other half say " Mecca, February, Bed time for kids". I like the thought of having the added view into the my world when I'm creating something. I'm curious if at the next show I do, anyone comments to me about this. I enjoy little surprises and tricks to see if people are really paying attention. I'll let you know what happens.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I shall have to learn more about you, how did you learn to make things this exquisite, or is it through years of work. Or both.

Mel said...

that is a very cool idea! i would love it if i would buy something and get that extra personal touch!