Time to Pay The Piper

Yesterday I got back from Richmond Virginia where I had a wonderful visit with a great old friend of mine. Nothing is more important in life than to have great friends, a good family and lots of laughter. Laurel, who has been my best friends for years, treated me like a queen and indulged me with all my favorite past-times..food, movies, theater, junk TV and lots of silliness this weekend. It was an over due visit and for once I did not feel guilty for being away or taking time to myself. It was a great way to end January this year. I'm NOW ready to start 2009. I guess my calendar has always been a bit different than normal folks. New Years always comes to soon after Christmas for my taste so I spend January still getting over Christmas. The first of February should be New Years in my book!

So....here I am February 2nd and its time to "Pay the Piper" ( I love silly expressions) and get my butt in gear! I have to admit, I've been playing to long this last month and although I have needed the time away from my normal, I need to get going.

Today I spent most of day in my studio and plan on getting started on some new porcelain forms and ideas this week. I do have two days I will be away from my studio setting up shows and doing other things but I think by this weekend, I'll have some new stuff to talk about and maybe even show some work in progress.

Hope everyone had a good Groundhogs day. Does anyone out there really understand how he sees his shadow anyways? This question came from my kids today and I didn't really know how to answer it. At any rate, guess we may get a few more snow-flakes here in the South!
Have a good one! Jen


Patricia Griffin said...

Oh, I know what you mean about paying the piper. I am just off of a three-day reunion with my girlfriends. (We call it our annual Witches Coven.) So much fun, but now I have tons of work to do... And here I am reading blogs!

Jen Mecca said...

Just between you and me...I'm alittle into Facebook these days! Don't tell anyone....!jen