Middle of The Week

Tomorrow night I will be in Shelby at the Cleveland County Arts Council for a show called Treasures of The Earth. If you read Ron Philbecks blog or Vicki Gils, they have mentioned this show as well in there posts. If you'll notice, I've added a few more shows to my side bar. Slowly my calendar is filling up which is great. This is what gets me really motivated! Today I spent most of my day setting up for that. No time in the studio. This evening the temp. is in the teens and even though I use to layer and deal with the cold last winter, I just can't bring myself to do it this winter. I have extra day time to work ( so I'm telling myself) this year so I figure I can take a few nights off and do "inside" work. Tomorrow I have NO errands to run, kids functions to be at or other work related things so I can just be me, quiet and to myself in the studio. I'm kind of looking forward to that!

Yesterday I went Ice Skating with Quaid's class. Here we are and here he is on the ice. He was a trooper and finally got the hang of it. I was suppose to teach at this time but my friend Julie helped me out and taught my class for me. It meant a lot to Quaid to have me there and I'm thankful I can have such a flexible career to do this.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Thanks for the visit and HOLY CATS your work is HAWThawthawt!!!!! HOT!
Ithaca does not have peace pottery any longer, that I know of. Still has plenty of snow and ice and wind and clouds.
I am gonna keep an eye on this, I love your work!

tsbroome said...

You'll never regret the time you take off to be with your kids at school things. I still go on field trips with Wesley's class and have a lot of fun.I've noticed over the years the best kids I teach are the ones whose parents come along on school trips and participate when we have things for the family to share. The troubled ones are those whose parents I have never even met. Plus you overhear the weirdest stuff in their conversations!