Taking Photo's

So, we all talk about things that we do in ceramics that we really don't like. I hear most people say they hate to glaze. Some people complain about the paper work aspect of it and being one's own accountant. I sat at one demo and listened to a guy talk about how he wished he was married again so his wife could take care of the business end of things and than he could just make pots. Pretty funny and telling of this person at the same time. ( I do enjoy any individual that is truly honest so this truth brought a smile to my face as the rest of the women in the audience gasps; I think ). My true "angst" when it comes to ceramics is taking photo's. Oh, how I hate it...and with a passion I think. I tried and tried in grad school to learn how to take a good photo and once I got out of school thought that truly I knew how. After a few years of trying to get into various "big retail shows" I was told by a fellow craftsmen on the panel that basically my photo's....well...sucked.( Sorry for the slang.....)
So..in the last few years my pal Ron gave me the name of a wonderful photographer near by who has been nice enough to trade with me and take my photo's. He does a wonderful job and plus, he's just a really nice guy. These days it seems like I need new photo's every three months or so and since I don't think this photographer needs 1000's of Jen Mecca pots, I need to try once again to take my own photo's. AHHHHHHHH......
A few weeks ago, Ron Philbeck, Amy Sanders, Julie Wiggins and I got together to try and take some photo's once again of our work. We are kind of like the Four Stooges because we spend most of the time laughing and trying to figure out how to use the camera, lights and tri-pod.
Here are some of the photo's that we took. I am thankful that those guys helped me out with some photo's since I gave up years ago! Hopefully we can keep trying to perfect this art. All I know is that if we keep getting together to take photo's, I think I'll provide the lunch and let the new "experts in technologies" do the photographing!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

the pics look great and the pots even better!
A friend gave me a good link for how to make a photo booth out of a box. I think it cost me about 20 bucks and works well, except the camera gets confusing but ANYWAY...you try and try.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

The pictures look great! Photographing work has always been a challenge for me as well. I don't like doing it, but just because I don't know how to do it properly. Someone should teach a class/workshop just on photographing your own work. Any volunteers?

Linda Starr said...

Beautiful photos and love the posts, especially the first one.

Jen Mecca said...

Thank guys..one day I'll attempt a set-up again and hopefully soon I'll get a new camera. I've taken enough photo classes to last a life time. I love to take photo's of the kids but three-D stuff I'd rather leave to the experts..atleast for now.
I'll just keep feeding Ron and the Gang until I'm up for the challenge!Jen

Deb McLeod said...

Thanks for the story about pottery photo's. I am in the same boat and might have to hire someone to take pictures of my pieces for submission into a Juried competition. Was wondering what type of lighting you used and if you used a light box?

Thanks from Canada Eh!