Quick post just to show some progress here at the studio this week. I'm taking a break for a day or so because I other stuff going on. Tomorrow I'll back in there. I do have some shows coming up....AHHHHHH...I really need to step-it up a gear. This weekend will be good for that because I think I only have one obligation in the "mommy department" to take care of. Boy, being a mom is a full time job! I was thinking this week how I do enjoy being at home with the children. I enjoying being there for them when they come home,cooking a good meal for them and keeping everything straight. There of course is sort of a give and take with that notion. Sometimes I wonder if I do to much for them and than other times I wonder if I am really there for them enough since I spend time on and off the computer doing my class and then in and out of the studio checking on stuff. In my mind, I'm always working on something even though I'm am physically here. Ah...such a head game we play with ourselves!
Oh yes....pots.
Here are some egg cups. I am planning to make some saucers for them so when they are used the owner has a little tray to put the shells on.
These are the boxes I love to make. They do take a long time but I enjoy them and I think that matters a lot. I've used some color clay on these. I want to see how it looks so they are sort of experiment. At the moment they are under tight plastic because I do tend to have issues with them getting small cracks in the base. Boy does this upset me when it happens since they take so long. Cross your fingers for me! I am really getting tired of the clay body I'm using. Soon I'm going to think about a change. More about that at a later date!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I adore these boxes.
I am changing my clay body too, after 15 years, and the new stuff is like silk!


As usual ... you hit the nail on the head in the mommy-potter category... and just watch how things morph as they get older... I still have to say...It never ends... and it's all good. really..
Your boxes look great. So do the egg cups... Even when I don't comment... I am listening and watching!

Barbara Edwards said...

Beautiful boxes. Are those birds (one of my favorite shapes) on the tops of 2 of them? They are perfect knobs/finials.

Patricia Griffin said...

Jen - As a mommy-potter, I can relate too. Although my boy is all grown now, he spent a lot of time in the studio doing his homework while I worked. (That way, I could make sure he did it!) I'd leave my "paycheck" work, pick him up, go home to do clay (me) and homework (him). Things are a bit calmer now! Looking forward to seeing your egg cups. Boxes look great!

Anonymous said...

I love these boxes. It reminds me of the michael simon workshop we went to together. I have my fair share of simon influences pots... that is for sure. You rock girl.