Revisiting the Compote'

( Something about that titles makes me want to giggle....)

Years ago I had a gallery owner ask me if I would make her some compote's for her table. At the time I had no idea what she was talking about and made her draw a picture for me. I remember thinking why would she use one of these add looking pedestal bowls when you could just use a serving tray. Even though I did grow up in a house with a mother who enjoyed a very fancy set table from time to time, I had never encountered a compote for any type of entertaining. I should also say that at the time I was asked to do this, I had a 6month old baby, I had spent about 10 of my adult years still in college and not doing a whole lot of entertaining. Our idea of entertaining was inviting a few of my graduate friends over for grilling out and using whatever seconds I could find to put out on the picnic table.

It wasn't until we moved to York SC and I became part of some old southern traditions that I finally understood the need for a compote. If I can elaborate on this, entertaining for friends in an old southern town that is very into traditions has been an education in etiquette for me. I belong to a book club of women who use there fine silver and linens when it is there turn to host no matter what time of the day it is. Among this group of women, I am invited to tea's and baby showers where the table and food looks like it has just come out of a Martha Stewart magazine.( Some days I do live a double life. Mud from head to toe in my birkenstocks one minute and skirts with heals the next. Shhhhhhhh...don't tell anyone!) It all makes for great idea's to come forward, not to mention the sit-com/cartoon that lives in my head everyday.

( Look at the attitude those handles are putting forth on this blue glass compote!)

So...about three years ago, after attending a function with my lady friends, a wonderful old glass compote with strawberries dipped in Chocolate made me want to run home and make one of these things. Below is what I came up with. At the time I was thrilled with this, but now, I want some revisions to take place.

A few days ago when I was baking a bunch of cupcakes for a Valentine's party at school the thought that I needed to re-visit this form. So, I'm sketching and getting some idea's and soon I'll see what comes from my brain, down my arm and out my fingers to the clay.

(Hope you enjoyed the images!)


Linda Starr said...

Those are some nice compotes, including yours. Can't wait to see what revisions you come up with. happy compoting !

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you made that cute thing? I love your work

Barbara Edwards said...

I sure didn't know that those elevated bowls were called compotes and I can't remember ever being at a tea or anything where they were used. Thanks for the education. Yours is by far my favorite especially the birds and wavy foot.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks everyone!~ I'm still in limbo getting out there to start on some new one's but stay tunes. It always takes me a few days to get rolling on something new.