Analytics - who reads this anyhow?

I use to love to look and see who was reading my blog when I first set it up. I use to get so excited when someone way over in Africa was interested in what I had to say! Than I poked around the Google page and realized that I had a huge bounce rate so really, these folks most likely hit something that said "Pots" and saw my kids up on my page and decided to go somewhere else. Long story short, I gave up checking my info. and just wrote.

So, I find it so funny when folks find me before someone who I perceive as being much more visible in the blogging world. The other day I got this email below.....

Hi Jen,
I'm currently putting a book together of stories of successful potters who have carved out home based/internet businesses in particular niches in their industry. I see you have quite a number of members and want to know if you have any members who would like to be published in this book as well as do an interview over the internet. The interview will be put into CD format and they can have a master copy and use it for any type of marketing they want and the same for myself as well.I would greatly appreciate your help.
Kindest regards,Ben Sibley

PS If you want to have a look at another book I've done go to www.plantarfasciitissecrets.com- my background is in podiatry but I business coach in the health field and Im in the process of putting together books of successful people in different industries. I enjoy pottery but being in australia i've noticed not too many have carved out a successful& profitable career so I'm on a mission to see who's done it and help other potters to do the same.

So, I have to admit I never really know what to make of folks popping out of the blue to ask me questions like this. I always think " They must have asked Micheal Kline, Ron, or one of those folks in the UK the very same thing? Surely these guys pop up in the pottery blogging world much more than I do?". Please..raise your hand if you've gotten an email from Ben and been able to help him out with these sorts of questions he is looking for to help his research.

I have corresponded back and forth with him and explained to him that really I don't support our family with my pots. But also with that said, I do pick up all the other extra expenses our family has along with all the other day to day things we all share with our significant others.

I was honest and said that I teach to supplement a steady income that I can't control with selling just pots. But, of course, my heart is always in the studio and wishes I could be there full time. He also asked me if I felt like my blog and the Internet helped my business the most ect. My mind than ventured back to what Ron Philbeck had talked about on his blog a few weeks back. The group.......

I think I really rely on alot of my follow pottery friends. I love being part of a community and having someone around to talk shop with. I think being part of a group is the best way for me to get my name out there more than just putting my photo's up on the web or doing shows. I enjoy helping out fellow potters with inviting them to be in shows with me and hopefully they will do the same for me at some point. Every time I venture to a new workshop or show, I always get other contacts and meet new folks who either like my work or respect what I do. Being able to share information, knowledge and support is really important to me. I think groups are great if everyone is in agreement as to what goal you have weather its just to get together to critique or just to do sales. I'm hoping in the future I will be able to be a part of this sort of thing once again and able to share my enthusiasm for community and helping each other move forward professionally in one way or another.

If your interested in contacting Ben I'm going to post a few more emails between the two of us that you are welcome to read. I'll post his email address. Hope someone out there can help him more with what he is looking for.

Here is Ben's Email if you interested in giving him some information.

Once again, I never know what to think of people who contact me whom I don't know. I usually consult my "people" before replying. The web I think can be a very scary place but also a good place for business and contacts. If I didn't believe this, I wouldn't have my blog.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH! Hmmm... something to think about...

traceybroome@mindspring.com said...

I got an email today from one of my students saying she has turned her mother in law on to my blog and she reads it every day, her and a group of senior citizen friends. I can't imagine why, but it's kinda funny. There are people out there that I never even think of reading my blog, just like your new friend Ben reading yours, I guess.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure i could help ben but if he's got a site called plantarfasciitissecrets.com, maybe he could help me or do a book that's a combination of the 2 ideas... "Potters Who Use The Internet And Have Plantar Fasciitis". maybe i'll email and see if he's up for it. i have to say that sometimes i hear of someone or meet someone and when i start to discuss recent events, they'll just stop me mid-sentence and say... oh, yeah , i read about it on your blog... very weird.

Jen Mecca said...

Hey Jim,
You know before even reading your first sentance I knew you'd say something about your "foot" issue. You need to send him that post you did about those cool boots you had!
I'm going to suggest he should speak to you and Gary..I think you all may be able to offer him more input than I can.


ang said...

funny jen, i think he's in brisbane.. not sure..all i could find was medical stuff in reference to his name and no-one i asked here had heard of this lil project, i'm thinking its the internet marketing think thats has spiked his interest but thats only part of the internet thing we have going on... its more of a crew or a herd maybe, we circle around seeing what each other is up to and help out where we can, its just brilliant and i enjoy it everyday! cheers ang :) i was going to send this to ya jim seems ya on it!!

willson said...

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