Hump day

Boy, today was a wonderfully sunny day!!
It felt great out in my studio and I really enjoyed being out there. Slowly, slowly I'm gaining momentum.

Here is a shot of some new colored clay that I want to try on my pillow tiles and press mold dishes. I'm introducing pink ( I think ) into my mix of aqua, amber and green. We'll see how they look together. I've noticed that so many clay artists lately are really going wild with their color combination. I guess if the application is good and the glaze itself has a good rich texture, you can really pull off some wild surfaces and color combinations. I'm always up for new things but tend to do them in little bits. I like to try stuff, ponder it, take it away and bring it back at a later date. I'm slowly getting some shows planned for the Spring. Please check back in a bout a week or so to see new items added to my side bar. As always, I add new folks to my blog list here and there to take a look for new faces/blogs also. You never know what you may learn!


claydancer said...

I'm excited to see how your colored clay work progresses. Very interesting and I love color.

Mr. Young's Art said...

I would like to see it as well! So far I have only used Hagi porcelain, and Laguna Brown #5 (a very smooth, dark brown). Although I have seen 3 colors before....