I'm so glad everyone enjoyed my "Nimrod" story. So glad everyone got a good chuckle out of it. I do enjoy laughing at myself most of times. I'm sort of notorious for doing ridiculous things so I'm pretty use to stuff like that. And doing lunges...well, I'm a master at multi-tasking so that was a no brainier to getting out of going to our very old and stinky YMCA here in little old York SC.

So, the "shaft coupling" was ordered yesterday and is on route here to arrive sometime tomorrow. My handy, dandy pottery pal, Ron Philbeck is going to hitch up his wagon and come help me out with getting my pug-mill back together. No need to bother my husband with stuff like this. He needs to get going on my new blog/web/etsy site ( plus fixing things is really not his forte..) If you married, and have a husband who is NOT a crafts person but seems to always be pulled into the business...you have space out your favors! So, I'm going to feed Ron and owe him one big time for bailing me out. Lords knows, if I take my pug-mill apart I may never make clay again.

Here another equipment part I've got to order. Have no idea what the name of this is, but as you can see the casing for my kiln setter split apart, which of course, is not good. I need to also add a few shelves to my list since I over fired a kiln...............ah yes, the stories some days just go on and on. So, while I sit here waiting for all my parts to show up, I've been working on my online course, checking up on emails and blogs and re-visiting old friends like Natalie Merchant!
Boy, I use to love to dance around my apartment to many 10, 000 maniacs tunes! You have to admit, she does have a pretty great voice.
The first song is "Candy everybody Wants" . The last song is one of my favorites "Verdi Cries". Enjoy some tunes you all! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ypkQhbaFcU&feature=related


Mr. Young's Art said...

Oh dear... I had to replace one on one of the kilns at the University. Not fun. Maybe because I had never done it before... maybe.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Jen- I have replaced the kiln sitter part on one of our kilns three times. It is pretty easy to do.
I would rather do that then elements.
Pug mill- thank goodness you have Ron! I would not know where to start- that is why I married the handy man.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear of the mounting equipment woes but ron is on the way... i wish ron lived near me

Linda Starr said...

You are so lucky to have a potter friend close by who is handy mechanically.


You can find which part you need with this link. I just had to replace one. Jenny had it at Carolina Clay Connection. It's a tube assembly. By the way, I'm in York too.-Karen Giles


I was a potter when I met my hubby.He jokes that I asked him to move my Lockerbie kickwheel which weighed half a ton before we even had our first date ;) He had me once he told me he could fix anything...you are right though that you have to space out the requests for help! Good luck with your repairs...I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Vicki said...

Hey I really appreciate that you post the challenges that come your way and the mistakes you make (esp Nimrod!). When something goes wrong in my studio, now I have you and your good attitude as an example!

Trish said...

Phew!! you have had a TIME with your equipment, but your good attitude prevails! :)..good luck with the repairs and hugs to all the handy guys and gals we are lucky enough to have in our worlds.