Wintery Mix

....oh..we are hoping to get some snow this evening! Cross your fingers for us because I'm in need of some white stuff to make my winter complete!

The heaters are going and I'm getting ready to go out and start the path back and forth from my studio to the kiln shed for a bisque. Next Wednesday I set up for the Treasures of the Earth show in Shelby N.C.

This weekend I'm going to try and make up a few glaze tests for this kiln. I may not get to them if the red sled Santa brought this Christmas makes it out of the shed and the kids and I have some fun zooming down the hill on the street!

Fingers crossed!


Linda Starr said...

I think it's on it's way.

Scott Smith said...

Just drove through the Pineville area on my way home and it was snowing there. It seems it was heading southeast. If the snow misses us, we are going to have two very unhappy kids on our hands.

Anonymous said...

spoken like a true ithacan