Good Week/Finally an article I can relate too!

Its been a good week! I was reflecting today how I've really enjoyed this summer and just hanging out with my kids. Quaid was back at camp this week so the girls and I just kind of hung around the house and played, read books, did some shopping and I just enjoyed being here in my house with "my little chickens". ( I'm trying to potty train so its better to just lay low when your dealing with accidents anyways).
Since I'm the mom thing again,I've been meaning to write about a great article I read in Clay Times this month. It was by Lana Wilson and of course it was about being a parent and a potter at the same time. This article is the 2nd in a series she is doing and I think( for me atleast) its about time! Ever since I had Quaid I have been thinking how there are not many people who I can relate too that try and juggle two jobs. That really hit me dead on at a pottery conference I went to where the majority of the potters there did not have children. My mother-in- law said to me once that she was surprised that I wanted to have kids because she always thought most artists where selfish with there art and didn't want another responsibility like having a child. At the time I thought that was a strange observation but it is one that I think does ring true in a lot of cases. Ever since I've been out of school I've seen several young potters like myself go and do all sort of amazing things and have great opportunities because they are not tied down. I admit I have been very envious of them. The fact I can't go here or there any time I want to or spend a whole day on one idea limits me but also empowers me to want to push myself even harder. As I approach 40 I've hit the point where I can't stay up like I use to for long hours and I have to change my position on the wheel or I'll be sore the next day. But, as far having drive to get ahead, that still has not changed and knowing there are other parents out there that have done it only helps me see how far I can still go.

Maybe if my Tec guy can get our printer up and going I'll scan the artical so it will be there for all to read.

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