Just something funny

These are Quaid's playmobile figures. He LOVES them! He calls them "his guys" and usually they kind of drive me crazy because there have a 1000 different parts and they are all over the house, not to mention his bedroom. Well the other morning I went into his room and glanced over at his toybox and noticed there where tons of guys laying around on it. After I took another glance I noticed that they seemed to have been set up like some battle. I remembered the night before I heard all this "Wham, Bam, Gotcha" and some screams coming from his room so I had to laugh when I saw that HIS guys where all placed in obviously a certain way. When I asked him what they where all doing he answered back "wrestling". Anyways, Joey and I thought this was funny.
On a side note, these toys are made so well and I have to admit I love buying them for him because they have so many cool things that come with them.

I'm off to turn up the kiln......later!~

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