Great Day

Today the weather was wonderful here. It felt like early fall and in turn it was a great day to be out in my studio working. Not to hot, not to cold. ( For those of you who don't know, I work on a screened in porch off the back of our house and in the winter I freeze, even with pounds of plastic nailed up and in the summer I bake, even with a fan going). I put on some Ryan Adams and went to town making pedestal bowls and creamers. The kids got to play outside and go to the pool with Joey and then we went to my folks for dinner. I can't say that was so good because Aydan managed to sneak away after dinner and she smeared red toothpaste all over my parents upstairs bathroom. Thanks goodness my mom was kind of use to things like this since about 37 years ago I was doing the same kind of things. Than both twins had a super meltdown and we decided it was time to get in the car and go. But all in all it was a good Sunday! Hope your was good as well!

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Ron said...

Hey. Just wanted to drop in and leave you a comment. I am pretty much slacking off today after just having a firing this week. I am getting excited about the Sale we all have coming up in Sept. and also the NCECA deal. I hope all of us can go to Louisville.
Catch ya later.