Phase one of our new schedule

Last week was Kindergarten and 6am wake-up call. I'm happy to report we made it through with flying colors. I think really the first few weeks of doing something new is pretty successful, its after awhile that you start slacking off and then it comes unraveled. I just have to remember to keep all my "balls" up in the air and not to let any drop or it can all go very wrong!!!! ( That's when I start driving Quaid to school in my PJ's!)

Joey went to visit his mom this weekend in Raleigh and took Aydan with him. It was hard to decide which girl should go. I even at one point was just going to go the safe and easy route and elect Quaid to go, but he always gets to go on trips. It was Aydan's turn this time and her Dad said she was great.

I went ahead and took McKenna and Quaid to the Charlotte rapter's center on Saturday. We had a great time. Owls are my favorite birds and we got to see lots of them. I was just remembering how the first time I got to work with Clay in highschool I made a pencil jar that was an owl. ( my mom still has it!)Strange how those things tend to connect in the unconscious. The birds up close are just so amazing to look at. The patterns that there feathers make are so wonderful I wished I could of gotten a close up photo of it to have in my files for patterns. It was a nice weekend.

I was out in my shed tonight working on glazing for my next kiln load. I'm finishing up a gallery order and experimenting with some glazes for a dinnerware set I'm making. I have a busy week. Lots of throwing to do with the dinnerware set and just filling up some space I have for my show in Blowing Rock. I also have to write a grant for some money I would like to receive to help me build a salt kiln. This project is so way off in my furture its seems I will never get back to doing this type of work. Slowly I'm stocking up on the equipment so I'll have it when the time is right. Wish me luck!

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