Feeling pretty computer savey

Yesterday I was trying so hard to figure out why my spell check wouldn't work and I started pushing all sort of buttons. Much to my surprise I figured out how to change the settings and basically the whole lay out of my blog! This was so exciting to me. I came home and announced to my Tec Guy that I was no longer in need of his services for that kind of stuff any longer. ( I'm sure this made him very happy.) Boy does it feel good to be a 20century gal! Now I'm on my way to ruling the world! (Well, I guess I still need to get the spell check thing worked out and than I 'll take it from there.)
I'm going out to throw some covered pots. I think I'm going to go for some big guys today.
Here is a mug by my pal Brad Tucker. This guy is a an old one. ( The mug that is. Haha) It came from a group of mugs at Cedar Creek when I worked there. It even could of been a second but it has stood the test of time in my kitchen for 18 years! Boy Brad, I had no idea I've known you that long! Time flies. Brad is in Baltimore doing the ACC show so I'm wishing him lots of luck.

( Low and behold my spell check is working...guess I can start taking over the world now. On second thought its rainy and gross out today so I think I'll just hide indoors and let some other free-less female try today.)

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Ron said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter if the spell check is working or not.