Thurseday morning..at 9am...high speed goes in!

I can not wait for Thurseday to get here. It has been no fun to try and do anything on my computer for months now. We are kind of over trying to save money by not having high speed internet and finally we have decided it would be in our best interests to bite the bullet and pay for it. It finally occured to me the other day when I was trying to upload images how much time I waste waiting for my computer work to get done...makes sense that I'm looseing money by not having high speed rather than spending money paying for it!

My mugs are in the bisque kiln cooling and I had a few tests come out but plan on doing more. I really enjoy playing with the red clay and may just do some wall pieces in it that are totally differance than my porcelain work. We'll see.....

Here's the announcement for the Lark and Key opening on Friday. I'm really excited to go out and have a date with my husband that night!


Ron said...

Don't forget to count your internet expenses as a business deduction on your taxes!!

Jen Mecca said...

Oh don't worry. I count every little thing I can. We got a great check this year because I did have some great numbers.

I was just thinking today how I've been working on my kiln for months and there goes Ron building one in a week! How much caffine do you drink a day?