Going back a post of Two

A few posts back I spoke of "birds on a stick" and some handles that just did not work plus some BIG mishaps. I thought I'd share them even though some really hurt of show. I figure we all have goofs ( some days I think I have more than most) and its nice to share and see others people's flub-ups so...here we go.
Here's an example of the garden birds I made. They where a lot of fun. A few cracked in the bisque kiln so here is one with out glaze. My girls are claiming them as their own and I've found them moved all around the gardens and put in little nests.
Here are the baker that REALLY did not come out. First the glaze got contaminated and then the new handles I tried cracked where they attached to the piece. I've been changing the handles on my bakers for many years to find that perfect fit. I guess I still have not found what I'm looking for. ( Where is U2 when I need some music....)
Finally these are So painful to post. The glaze is to thin here because I rushed when applying my amber glaze. The crocus martis in the glaze really wants to be mixed every time and I was very tired that night. I guess I can only learn from this.

The glaze/kiln room is in great need of a clean-up so that is what is on my list for tomorrow plus teaching a kids camp in the morning. Aydan and Mckenna got a slip-slide for their 5th birthday so I may take a break mid-day! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Thanks for showing your mishaps. It's oddly comforting to know that it happens to all of us, especially when trying new things. Enjoy that slip-slide!!

jbf said...

Sorry about your unwanted results. If you apply it as a percentage to all your beautiful work, I'll bet it becomes a tiny number.

Please be careful not slip and/or slide too much!