No Images

I think when I started writing this blog, I didn't know how to upload photo's. I think Joey did it all for me. Now that I can't get my camera to work I think there is no point to blogging if I don't have any images....so that is why I haven't had anything to say lately.
Tonight I got to urge to write down a few words about what has been going on here. I just got in from putting together a few teapots and finishing up the butter dishes I started a few days ago. I had a nice kiln come out today which made me super happy. One great platter. I love to throw platters but lately I have had little success with getting them to the glaze stage. I went ahead a changed the foot on it and low and behold its worked pretty well.
Tomorrow is Quaid's 8th birthday so the day will be split between taking 7 boys GO-KART riding and moving forward in the studio. I was thinking yesterday how he was 9 months old when we moved into this house and now he is already 8. The time does go by so quickly. Joey and I only thought we'd be in this house for a few years and then move on to bigger and better places. I think its fair to say that with the way the world is at the moment, I'm pretty thankful for our little house and feel pretty sure we'll just stay put for awhile longer here. If only I could get a heated studio..than all my prayers would be answered!

I leave for Raleigh on Thursday morning for the CDC so I'm still pushing the envelope trying to get as much done as I can. I'll check in again this weekend.


Big Al said...

Jen, pictures aren't always needed. Words paint a great picture, too. I like your comments on your family. Family is what makes the world go around for me, everything takes a back seat.

Sorry you are going to be on the road on Thanksgiving day! I'd have thought you'd leave on Friday but what do I know about shows. I do know I am looking forward coming to the show and seeing everything especially a butter dish!

Travel safe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hope you get your heated studio some day. In the meantime, it's so great that you're treasuring time with your family. Kids grow up so fast.