I had the ankle last week, then the cold and now "the teeth". Someone is bound and determined out there in the Cosmo to keep me from being in my studio 247! Here is an illustration of what I think of when the word dentist pops into my head and yesterday was no exception when I broke a tooth at dinner time. There is a happy ending to this story that can be said with just two little words "sedation dentistry". If you are terrified of any dental experiance I highly recommend this way of getting through all the drilling and potential pain that may come along with your visit.

Tonight I will post some photo's of what I have gotten done in room off the back of the house. I'm excited to do the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show for the second time this year. It was so much fun last year seeing all sort of other craftspeople that I know from all over North Carolina. Stay tuned!~

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Big Al said...

OUCH! No fun all around. Yeah, new TV time for sure. I know this is tough on you but think back to the folks that had to move from radio to TV, then from B/W to color and now to digital. You'll make it fine.

Dentistry should not hurt! I feel your pain. My dentist is great. I never get the fear of dentists that I used to get. He has a great staff and his techniques are great. Hope it all works out fine.

See you in a week!