Who I Spent My Weekend With

My weekend was busy in the studio and around home but I had good company to keep me entertained!

Here is a great little guy who just turned 8 this weekend and Saturday afternoon was spent with Quaid and 6 other very happy boys who took over a Go-Kart and mini-golf birthday complex in Charlotte. Eight years ago Quaid was born the day before Thanksgiving and he and I had a very hard time getting him into the world. This is something a mother never forgets on an important day as yesturday was. He is a great kid and had fun on his special day. Here are his two biggest fans! ( ...well that depends on the day..)
While I worked on staining my pots for a bisque kiln, Johnny Depp visited me in Sweeney Todd Friday night. Diana Krall helped me get through Saturday morning while I assembling teapots. Around lunch time Micheal Feldman showed up with What'ya know.Before it was time to go off to the Go-Kart place, Peter Shagel stopped by with some other very funny folks for Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.By Sunday morning I was back staining more pots and watching Bob Sheiffer talk about the Economy and who Obama was going to be picking for all his cabinet appointments. Garrison Keller strolled in singing a tune somewhere before I took a break for another Birthday celebration at my parents house for both Quaid and my 98 year old grandmother. ( I hate to say I do not have a photo to put up here of her because I'm sure she never thought she'd see the day her face was posted on the Internet!)Ira Glass and David Sedaris brought many chuckles in the afternoon while I was making some little spoon holders with some slump molds......And last but not least this evening I got to watch Beyonce' sing her new single, Single Ladies on the American Music Awards. I have to admit "I like myself a little Beyonce' " to dance to in between putting springs on some cups!Wow...what a jam packed weekend!


ang design said...

brilliant i loved the visual commentary, lifes just not the same without pictures eh- what did you think of sweeny todd ? i've yet to see it...

Jen Mecca said...

Well I love Johnny Depp and anything he does with Tim Burton. I saw Sweeny Todd on Broadway and even though the movie was good, there is just something missing when its not on stage.
Thanks for the post! jen

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Jen: Wes and I are huge Johnny Depp fans as well. Tim Burton is working on a movie of the old vampire soap Dark Shadows and Johnny will be Barnabas Collins. Did anyone besides me watch this as a kid? Also, google Johnny and madhatter to see the photo of him in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland project. Quite the costume! I think we keep similar company on the weekends!

Unknown said...

Very cool post!
The photo of your kids would make a ROCKIN' Holiday card... good luck finding the time!

Big Al said...

Jen, you went from no pics to pics-amus maximus! Great job! Many thanks.

Yeah, the kids are the reason for being. I bet the carts and golf were a blast!

JD fan, huh? My wife adores him! Re-make of Dark Shadows? Hadn't heard that. Anyone my age remembers DS for sure.

See you this weekend at the show!