Around the time I get to work

I like the way the light comes in around 7 o'clock in my studio. I enjoy working at this time also especially if we have had an early dinner, the kids are all bathed and cleaned, happy and getting ready for bed. Weekends in the early fall are great for this!
Here are some large bowls. Lunch size plates.
And tall Lillie vases.

I'm moving forward towards some smaller things for fill-ins and I need to start on some cake plates and more elaborate things. I like to start these on the weekend and doing the finishing work on the week days. When I usually get done with the pieces that take more time towards the end of the week I make things that I can throw super fast and don't need as much attention. ( Not that ALL pots don't need attention!) Sometimes my girls friends stop by to talk and I enjoy having them visit, but while I'm engaged in chatting, throwing mugs and cups come easily.
Off to work.


ang design said...

nice light, mine's the same just a little earlier..

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am guessing you dent the rims with a piece of wood to get that pretty effect, or do you use a knife and cut? Just curious :)

Jen Mecca said...

I cut the rims. I love my knife!

Anonymous said...

when i first read it, i thought you meant 7 o'clock in the morning. i thought no way i could do that... love the Lillie vases.

jbf said...

Love your plate shapes.