Photo's from Weekend

Here are more photo's of the boxes in different stages. Below are the tops with an added flange and than I wait for them to dry a bit before "tweaking" the tops to fit the bottom. Here is one with the foot being cut.

Below is a finished box where I started thinking about the house idea I had attempted a while back. I didn't really want to add windows or if I did, they would have to be just representational. Haven't gotten to the point yet. I'm still sort of struggling with how to use the terra sig on my surface. (One more step in my decorating process.) Perhaps I need to also investigate another kind of drawing tool because I'm not sure I care for what I'm using on this. This all could change after they come out the bisque and I add some stain. Each stage offers new information for me.

These are some different finials than I normally put on the top of things. When I see these at this stage the terra sig looks sloppy to me. Its hard for me to see past this to the final fired product. I guess I need for these to get bisque before I scratch this surface idea. Time also to consult my "pottery crew" for constructive criticism!

This weekend we spent Saturday night with our group of York friends. All our children have grown up together because a group of us women use to rotate keeping each others kids at a mother morning out group. This was a great way when I was new mom to meet other mothers and get some free studio/work time. Its a great feeling to have known all these children and watch them grow and change over the last 9 years. These women have also been wonderful friends to me and we have helped each other out with various life "situations". It sort of like being in a family because we all have different interests and beliefs but we still we one big thing in common, motherhood and family and trying to do it all the best we can.
I like the fact that when we get together I'm able to see all the pots I've given to them over the years. They have bought some of my work but I've given a lot as gifts and they also reminded me of times I've just shown up with a second and said "oh, you can keep that bowl, its a second". Good times!
Did I also mention all my mom friends are also really good cooks! Look at that corn in one of my old platters! ( Need to make more of those...)
...off to continue loading a bisque kiln today and then to class this evening.


Linda Starr said...

Love seeing and hearing about your process on these pots; to learn of all the work behind your beautiful finished pieces. Great to learn about your wonderful mom's group; that's a nice big bowl on the table for sure.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmmmm, totally love the boxes!