A Package? For Me!

I ordered some mugs a few weeks ago from fellow blogger Gary Rith. He's the guy that lives in the purple house in a small town near where I grew up! He does an amazing job of keeping up with his blog every day. There is always something new on there if you haven't checked it out. He's pretty funny and takes what he does for a living in what seems like an effortless, upbeat and fun loving way. One day when I was checking out his many post I saw a photo of some mugs he was working on that had little skulls on the handles and thought that they looked like something my 8 year old son would love. So...I emailed Gary and asked if I could get one and while he was at it, could he make a turtle mug and guinea pig mug also for my girls. Well...it wasn't but a week and he sent me a photo of all three! Wow...that was quick!
Yesterday on my door step was my order and here are some photo's from my wonderful box full of mugs that I'm going to stash away for Christmas this year. Mugs!
Today I worked on some new sprigs molds. Here they are below drying.
Here are some tops to tall Lillie vases.
Here is one of the bottoms under plastic.


jbf said...

Gary's a hoot and he makes some great pots. The mugs look great!

I just ordered a tea set from him recently.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

!!!!! :)

Pancho said...

I love the skull!

Scott Smith said...

Love the mugs. Hope the kids don't read your blog!

Anonymous said...

lucky you, you got some gary mugs!