Monday night..check in!

If anyone out there remembers the film "Bull Durham", well...yes the bull really does blow smoke and the eye's really do light up! Here is proof!

We took a little trip to Raleigh/Triangle area and the NC coast this weekend. One of our adventures was to go to a Durham Bulls game with my sister and her family. We were lucky because one of the ball players hit one out of the park so the bull did his trick. The kids where thrilled!
Our real reason for the trip was to take one of our twin girls who is crazy about turtles to the NC Turtle Hospital in Topsail Island. We had to wait in a line for about 1 1/2 hours to get in and learn about this wonderful place but it was well worth the wait. Aydan was so trilled to see and hear about all the sea turtles they save and meet these great creatures face to face.
We were also lucky to see this guy below named NOAH get a sonar device put on him the day of our visit. He was being released this week so this tracking device was put on his shell so they can see where he travels too! Many of these turtles they save do come back to the NC coast, which I think is very cool. If your interested in supporting theri cause, you can go to the website above and make a donation.
Today I did get back into the studio and accomplished some things. In the morning the workmen only have a few more things to finish up and hopefully by Wed. I'll be back to peace and quite so I can concentrate on my up coming shows.
Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

turtle hospital?????? that is SO cool :)

Anonymous said...

what a great idea to bring your daughter to, she must have been beside herself

Jen Mecca said...

It is so cool! Sea turtles have great personalities and it was so apparent when you got to see them up close swimming around in their little tanks and they would come up to say HI to you. Kind of like whales on a whale watch.
Aydan was in heaven!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Jen: I am posting a pic of the 3 cups now, please go to my blob and have a look :)