Its What's On The Inside That Counts!

So.... I'm kind of taken with this "what's on the inside" of pots this week. Working slowly to narrow down themes of my work is always on my brain and then the thought gets easily swept away when I"m in a hurry or rushing to get a load of work done. Shame on me when I do this! I'd like to think that the income I'm making with teaching is allowing me to not "crank-out" stuff. Some days I just don't get any choice but to only work in my studio for two hours and then the rest of the day in taken up with computer work, taxi service, "domestic" issues and all those other things in my life that take priority over my muse,which is creating and being just with me and my thoughts.

Anyways....I have made these similar shaped bowls for a number of years and about two years ago I started to focus on the inside a bit more. I have a potter friend who says her husband loves to eat out of these bowls because he can grab his veggies on that inside rim I fold over. He also likes having something to look at inside after he's done with his meal. Score on both those accounts!
On these bowls I've modified the handles to add the colored clay I'm now adding to all my work and instead of painting the flower on the inside, I'm also have the middle be a pad of colored clay.
Surprises are always a good thing!


cookingwithgas said...

sweet treats!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

golly that's cute!

Anonymous said...

lovely bowls, it's great to have someone who appreciates the subtlety of the rim and who tells you about it.

Lori Buff said...

I looks like you put a lot of thought and care into making these bowl. I'm sure they are a pleasure to use as well as view.
I think most people can identify with the struggles of juggling everything in life that you referred to. If you ever find a way around it please let us know.

Jen Mecca said...

So true..so true! And I guess I just take it all one step at a time with a big deep breath and push on through to the otherside!