Pots by Mail Order

I received a very cool mug in the mail on Friday.......

Fellow potter, blogger and Mom, Vicki Hartmen sent this lovely cup my way. It came all the way from Rochester NY so that was even more thrilling for me when I opened the box! Of course we got snow again here that very same evening so I'd like to think Vicki's cup brought some of the "white stuff" my way.( Once again, I was thrilled while everyone else around here scrambled to buy bread and milk at the near by store. )

I enjoyed several cups of coffee in this mug all weekend. It felt great in my hands and I really enjoyed looking at the detail Vicki puts into her drawing/decals. She has been kind enough to send me some information about decals so I may have to try a few of my own this year on some pots.

Please check out Vicki's blog if you haven't done so. Its very nicely done and she makes some fantastic pots. I love her forms.

We have had a very nice weekend. I've been back and forth in and out of my studio while Joey has been narrowing down some new ideas for a web/blog/etsy site for my work. We ordered a light box today and some new lights so I can take my own photo's. So I've been moving right along with the technical end of what "we" do when we are not making pots.

I wore some festive socks today for our Valentine's dinner with my folks.
I love a cool pair of socks!


Ron said...

So jealous of that mug!! I love Vicki's pots. I'll have to see it next time I'm over. Glad to hear things are moving on the new site/etsy thing. Have a good week!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OOOh yeah!

Anonymous said...

lucky you with vicki's mug... i think about the decal thing all the time but have never gotten around to it. still snowing here too, very unusual

vicki hartman said...

Thanks, Jen, for the sweet words! I am touched to see my mug here...and i can't wait for my lidded mug in trade!