SHHHHHHH...Sneaking cups in the house

This lovely cup by Loran Meadon was my most recent purchase at the NC Potters Conference. ( I just snuck it in the house this weekend so no one would notice....shhhhhhh) And yes, the coffee did taste better this morning! Its been sort of a long week getting back into the swing of things. Last week seemed like such a breeze just being home with no cares except for my show and the children. Throwing teaching into the mix takes a bit more effort to get it all going again. We did start on our slab - containment project. I choose some idioms that they had to illustrate with the box. Not sure they are enjoying the challenge but I could see those wheels turning by the end of class.

I made clay yesterday and last night worked on some pots. This morning will be doing some of the same. My goal this weekend is to get my light box all set up and working. We'll see if I do indeed get that done while also throwing in a play date and a husband that has to work this weekend.


Ron said...

Love that cup!! Enjoy, you deserve it.

andrea gardiner freeman said...

girl you make me feel like lazy bones. I was thinking about cleaning my studio today. I still am not throwing consistently and have not at all this winter... with ice cream clay and lack of motivation..

I am hoping for a spring change and some goals to spur me on. I miss it tons and know I just need to get going. You continue to inspire me.


Connie said...

It'a a beauty!! I hope to bring a couple of nice pots home with me from NCECA. I'll have to sneak them in too. haha