Barns with Platters

My friend Blaine Avery has a wonderful post card with a shot of his studio, which looks like a big barn and he has all these platters hanging up on the side of this building. Its a great shot! I was chuckling to myself this weekend when I picked up his card at Larkspur and saw this image because I was thinking of my little kiln shed out back and the few platters I have hanging up on the outside. ( Maybe Blaine will send a photo of his shed so you all can see his photo...)

Last week I once again had platter woes with the small cracks in between the scalloped edges. I swore I let these platters dry slowly but the clay I guess just did not like the cuts on the side. Here is the amber platter in my wheel barrow. Yesterday I did some gardening and was transporting the platter from the shed to the house. Just thought I'd share.

Today I'm ordering a part for my pug mill and taking some photo. This evening Joey and I are going to see the play Wicked. I can not wait for another fun outing with my hubby!


Linda Starr said...

Sorry about the cracks, but what a great idea to hang them on the shed, which I have out back, mine cracked in the seams before I even bisqued. What clay do you use? I am swearing off Frost and will try Moon and Loafer's Glory next.

Blaine M. Avery said...

Thanks Jen!! Check out this link to my website there's a picture of the front of my shop.

Lori Buff said...

I love this idea. I've been painting barns onto plates, I hadn't thought about putting plates on the barn.

What clay body is giving you the cracking problem? Maybe someone knows a better clay for what you're doing.

Scott Smith said...

Debi took the girls to see Wicked and I stayed home. I'm sure they enjoyed it more than I would have.