Feeling set in my ways...

...have to admit I've been feeling a bit stagnant in my work cycle for a while. I've gotten sort of use to the production way of getting ready for a show. I sort of know what sells and I'm constantly just filling in the gaps. I can't really remember the last challenging form I've made even though I know I've tried stuff on a whim that has not come out pretty frequently this year. Still in all, I haven't gone for the gusto because I've been OK with bottles, mugs, tea bowls and large bowls. These items pay the bills and fill up my shelves.

So...what's the problem your wondering? Well, that old green eyed monster is back at it with me and I'm itching to get in the game and make some really cool pieces. Guilty as charged..I admit it...I like being in those shows you have to pay for and also cushion my resume'. The last thing I entered was the 500 vase book and after that I think I have been laying low - not really having the drive to really work for something awesome. I work to pay the bills and although this is not a bad thing and actually its a must in our house hold...its not why I make pots. I make pots for the challenge. At the moment I'm get bored and I need a change. I also need a little fire to get me going and nothing does that more than good old fashion competition. Once again...I admit it! I get out on a tennis court and enjoy the game, but I also want to look like I'm a worthy opponent. At the moment in my studio and pottery "life", I'm feeling sort of like the ref. who's on the side lines observing what all the other players are doing.

So, I guess this weekend, if my pug mill is home and working, I guess I'll turn the tunes up, ask Joey for a little time away from motherhood and than try to step up my game. We all need a little push at times. I'm so exciting we have a long weekend to do just this!


ang design said...

yeh... sounds like a plan, crank up the tunes and immerse yourself and dont come out until you've made that masterpiece... :P

cookingwithgas said...

I am a big fan of Calvin and think as artist he has a lot to say to us!
Yes- i know- this year promises to be a difficult one for me to find time to do much than fill the kiln.
Too many things calling me away.
I envy Meagan Chaney as she takes her month to just immerse in clay.
Good thing you have a partner who understands the needs.

jim said...

go jen go... crank the jams and crank the clay, good luck

Jen Mecca said...

Meredith- you are so right about Calvin! I love his mother as well and if I could find more images of her on the web, I'd use that alot!
Calvin has to be a kids with ADD!