At the speed of light

I'm trying to get a post in today since I haven't written anything since....well I guess a few days ago. I enjoy my blog so much but I'm finding that it is hard to keep up with. Someone told me that when my kids get older I would have more time for things like this. Is it just me, or where they just saying that to make me feel better? I don't have diaper changes and feedings anymore and I can do things around the house while they are playing. But now we face emotional issues with learning, friends, siblings and basically just learning how to be a good person. All the social learning tools are trying to come into play and of course it is hard as a parent to remember how much effort it takes trying to learn all that. I'm not even sure I have masters how to get alone with people and now I"m trying to help my off-spring!! So on days I feel like I can come home with the kids and do a little catch up work in my studio, or house cleaning or blogging, lately that time is taken up trying to solve a kid issue. For the most part I can multi-task when it comes to cleaning and such but emotional things, I have to give my full attention. It takes a lot of attention to advise and listen.

Today I planned on packing up all these pots to get things ready for my show on Saturday. I still may find the time now that the girls are playing and I'm trying to eat my lunch at ...2:42. I have class tonight so that time in my studio will be taken.

Here are the little trays out of the kiln. I'm still not sold on these. I'm going to take them along with me to my show and get some feedback from my fellow potter Amy Sanders. She's always great for advise on stuff.

As always I really enjoy making boxes and here are a few I finished up the other day.

I'm looking forward to Mothers Day on Sunday. Since I've had a lot of "mother" issues this week I have to admit its been a very reflective week for me. Joey and I are so lucky to have three beautiful children, what a responsibility it is to raise them!

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