Mothers Day Weekend

Saturday I spent the day at the Spring Claymatters sale in Mathews NC. The weather was great and the turn out seemed to be good but I do think by what I observed that the economy is catching up with those of us in the " object" world. I did have so many familiar faces come by my booth along with students and friends which made the day go by very quickly. My neighbors on either side where Amy Sander and Greg Scott from our Circle of Eight group so I was in good company.

Since I did have a crazy week today I am still feeling the effects of being worn out and playing catch up with my house and paperwork. This has been my routine this year so I'm pretty use to it~ the week after a sale, I play catch-up!

I unloaded a kiln the morning of my sale and here was my favorite piece, a little box that looked like a house. I'm sad to say the lid will not come off( I haven't really tried that hard to get it off.....) I liked it so much I put it on my little check out desk I have in my booth and I think every customer that came in liked it as well! One of those things you could of sold a 100 of, but have none! Anyways, I'm going to make more of these. I already have a teapot made that looks like this for the Cedar Creek Teapot show next month.

I had a wonderful mother day which started Saturday night after the sale at my parents house. My sister and her family came down from Raleigh and we had a great meal and fun conversation. The girls made several cards and drawing for me and we had to laugh because Joey seemed to be forgotten in every one. Here is a tray Quaid made for me. I think its for breakfast in bed and once again...Daddy is no where to be found in the drawing! We'll see if fathers day Mommy is omitted from the family drawings. On Saturday, Joey spent the whole day cleaning the house for me so on my arrival home I just dropped into bed. On Sunday he made reservations at a very cool restaurant in Charlotte called Roosters and we took the kids while also using it as a teaching lesson on how to behave when you go to a "fancy"restaurant. I have to say the kids did a great job for there mom. The day ended with a trip to the bookstore, a movie on the couch and Joey unloaded my vehicle so I did not have to worry about that myself. Once again, I have a great husband.

I hope all you mothers out there had a good weekend as well!

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