Funny drawings

I've talked before about how I love the illustrations in kids book. I think that also goes back to my love of cartoons and how just one change of expression that the illustrator makes, says a thousand words in always a comical way. Like I've said before, I think in " cartoon" most days. If anyone has ever seen the TV show "Scrubs" on Thursday nights, the character JD always creates funny images/thoughts in his head of things that are going on in his day. I think the show is halarious because I can relate to this most of my days.

With that said, my girls can always bring a smile to my face with all their little self portraits or portraits of our family. The little facial expressions they put on the faces just say it all. McKenna self portraits are the best because if she is mad at me for something she draws out her emotions and will just hand me the picture. Now this can be kind of sad some days but when I look at her picture and her "human" has high heels and a bow in its hair, a mom can not help but smile a little bit.

This week I started taking little slump mold trays and brushes various engobe colors on the surface than tried to replicate some of these images. In previous tests on tiles I had some trouble with the clear that I'm putting over the engobe so its all still very raw.

Enjoy the pictures of two of my favorite books " The Grumpy Bird" and

"Don't let the Pigeon Stay up Late".

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