Mint Demo

I did indeed survive my "gig" at the Mint today. Many of my friends/students from Clayworks came to cheer me on. I also had some gals from my home town of York show up. Thanks to all who came to offer a friendly face in the crowd. I really appreciate that support!
We had a pretty good turn out I thought for the demo. Some people just came to watch and others did bring their lunch up to the terrace and enjoyed that company of a friend or the lovely weather that we had in Charlotte today.
I had several thoughts today once I was home about how much energy it takes out of one to get ready mentally for a demo and the whole setting up and taking down that also goes along with it all. Its the being "on" for a crowd of people that makes me enjoy so much getting back in my car, turning up the radio and letting out a big sigh of relief. I'm sure all of this I am describing just solidifies that fact that I'm a introvert disguised as an extrovert. I do think that this is true about most creative people and we teach ourselves how to interact with people and finally feel secure for being a bit...off sometimes. I guess I kind of see it as being a comic up on stage.
So, tonight I'm blogging and then jumping into bed with my DVD player to watch a serious about Abraham and Mary Lincoln that I've been interested in seeing. Tomorrow I will be back working in the studio ( after a few soccer game of course!)


Amy said...

Jen, you did really well at your demo yesterday- it was very enjoyable and people seemed to like looking at your pots that you brought. Good job girl!

Ron said...

Hey, Glad it went well.
Why is your font so small? I'm blind enough as it is.

Jen Mecca said...

The complaint depart is at
ratpack48@hotmail.com.........I'm just the star.(Ha!) You'll have to talk to my manager about that!