Welding...the kilns back on

It has been a long time since I posted about kiln. It has been on hold for a number of reason, funds, time ect. This weekend we got back on track and finished another phase of the building process...welding of the angle iron. I was trying to weeks to get some scrap angle iron and had worked out a deal with a welder to trade pots for his labor. Turned out my good friend Sandy Singletary has been taking welding in school and she said she would just come and help me. Finally on Saturday after getting the iron at Lowes, Sandy and her husband pulled up with a big welder and here are the results.
We started off by putting several layers of heavy duty foil over the arch of the kiln to help with a bit more insulation.After the , we added two thicknesses of fiber-fax on top. Over that is a steel sheet of metal that is held down by angle iron on each side and a cable on over the top to help with the some gaping issues we had.Here is Sandy and her husband William working. Its great to have such super friends with all sorts of talents that we just DO not have!Here is the final result or the chimney. I think it looks pretty good and will do the job.

TaDa!!!!!! Onto the getting the plumbing hooked up.


Ron said...

Looks great!!

Amy said...

Yea Jen!! It's so exciting to see it coming along well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen..
Its been a while since I've visited your blog. Wanted to hear how your kiln was going. Have you gotten your plumbing in yet?

(I moved my blog btw.. )

All the best!
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