Colored Clay

This session with my class we are trying our hand at some colored clay. Years ago when I worked at Cedar Creek Gallery we made jewelry to sell in the gallery out of colored clay so I know a bit about mixing it up with the mason stains. Over the years I have been sort of interested in trying to make some vessels with it. I'm sure its the allure of the color that peaks my curiosity. Jane Pieser who lives up near Penland is really well known for her creations out of colored clay. I have visited her studio but as always, a bit to poor to purchase one of her pots so I admire them from afar and in books. I got on the web at the beginning of the session to try and find out more about this process and really didn't find as much as I had hoped for. Here are some small loaves I made at class and we are in the process of making some small press mold bowls with these. Like many things, I think my students found the process to be much more tedious than they had expected. I wish the whole buying public could have a chance to see really what kind of time and energy goes into what we love to do. Here is another photo of me adding some of the chips of clay to a plate I had thrown last week. We'll see if it works!

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