Beginning of week

Here are some covered jars that I finished yesterday. I also thought I'd put up an example of one of my interpretation of a Lillie. This is the inside of a what I call a mixing bowl. Last night I started on some cream and sugar sets. Tonight I'm going to work on assembling a bunch of stuff that has been under plastic.

I'm spending a lot of time getting my distant learning course up and going. The poor women I'm working with is being really patient with me when it comes to setting up my page and getting my lectures in order. I've been taking the text with me everywhere I go trying to get in more reading time and highlighting so I can get everything set by early August. While other mom's are reading romance novels or chatting it up at the pool there I am I'm sitting there with my Art Appreciation text and a pink high lighter! GEEK!

Thanks to everyone who left comments about my "Bo" story. (I'll report back on the clay after I test it.) I could write a book about all the interesting people and places that we have experienced since we moved to this little town 7 years ago. The pool in its self could be a whole story, but it has nothing to do with clay, so I'll save that for my memoirs. Ha! ( Now that I think about it, I may be one of the characters in a book someone else might write about York!)

Ya' all have a good one!


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Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Jen - The covered jars look really sweet and the lillie is pretty. Look forward to seeing the finished pieces!... Regarding pool-side chats and romance novels, that's for sissies! Teaching Art Appreciation will make you an even wiser woman!

Amy Sanders said...

Good luck getting all the stuff together for the class. Sounds like it'll be a ton of work on the front end, but then get a little easier after that. You're a rock star!