Checking In

Yesterday I finished most all my lectures and test preps for my course so I "indulged" myself in cleaning up my studio. Did I ever think THIS would be the joy of my day?? Ahhh..never, but last night it was. I got to unwrap all the pots I had feverishly taken out of the kiln for ( was it) last weekends show in Blowing Rock and I sat down to examine/study them more closely. Such an important thing to do which got thrown by the wayside last time. A few pieces I'm going to re-fire because I wasn't happy with some of the glaze results.

Later today I'm planning on ( yes....you guessed it) pugging fresh clay. Yessssss.... I think I said a few blogs back that my last order of Helios was super hard so I'm just re-pugging all of it. Tonight I will get to throw...yahhhh..joy - oh- bliss! I also cleaned up my show entries on my blog as well as added a few new blogs to my list. ( I have more to add as well so keep looking!)

Today, the kids and I are "car-free", which I think is good thing. They have been playing all morning together with various playmobil set-ups. I think the Indians are attacking the Unicorns as I'm writing. This morning at 6am , Joey's car died about a block from our house. Oil was everywhere. One could look at this as a SUPER bad thing or one could just go with the flow and except it as another bump in the road. We'll see what our mechanic says. By the way, our mechanic's here in York are brothers and their names ARE "Brother and Bobby". All my "mommy/bookclub" friends use them here and we all talk about how nice they are. I can honestly say, they are the most honest mechanics we have ever had and of course there is nothing fancy about their shop. I love the fact I can call down there and say "Hey! This is Jen Mecca. Is this Bobby or Brother? ".

I looked for a Cartoon of Calvin's ( of Calvin and Hobbs) mother looking like she had hit a brick wall to ease the pain of maybe being faced with trying to find a new car but I couldn't find one. Many days I feel like that cartoon!
More to come....

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jbf said...

Good luck with the car and the helios.