Weekend away

I just got back from a little trip to Charlottesville Va. with a friend of mine from college. A mutual friend of ours that I hadn't see in a numbers of years had a wedding party so we got to "rode-trip" for the weekend. The party was very cool and was in the downtown part of Charlottesville at an Indian restaurant. Debra, my friend who got married is a great, funny and energetic person to be around and is the Director of a great organization called The Wesley Foundation . Deb is a one of those people who when she asks you about how you are , or what you've been up to, she is genuinely interested in you and what you have to say. Her students are very lucky to have her. Congrads Deb!

Charlottesville and the trip through Virgina was just the best. I forgot how much I loved living in that State when I was in college. The rolling hills and all the interesting things going on in the town just made me want to pack my bags and head North. ( I even called Joey and said "we need to move to Charlottesville!")It was good to get away and visit with college friends but as always I'm happy to be home with my crew and its always great to have three little people bowl you over with hugs as soon as they see you.

This evening I was back throwing some tumblers and making my pillow tiles. Tomorrow I'll start glazing my first batch of pots for the show.

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