Blowing Rock

Here are some shots from Blowing Rock. The weather was great, the crowd was big and sales where pretty good! I always enjoy this show.

Here are some photo's of my display and some pots that I may have posted in the bone dry stage earlier in the week ( maybe month ago by the rate I go at posting things..ha!)Here are some boxes and a small two person serving dish with the raven on top. This was my best selling yesterday. Time to make some more!

This plate and the platter below are in the above shot of my display. I also have here some egg cups or salt sellers, which every someone wants them to be. These where fun because I put little bumble bee's on them.

On the bottom right is one of my oval casserole dishes. I'm still thinking about this form. Offer up any suggestions you might have. Maybe I'm just not meant to make this item. I think everyone has there struggles with certain things and I'm always the first one to call myself out on that.

There where some really good potters at this show. Emily Reason and LeAnne Ash are potters from the Energy Xchange and I was a bit bashful in introducing myself to them when I went into their booths. ( They where busy both times as well and I didn't want to interrupt a sale. ) I could kick myself now from not getting a piece from each of them but we've been on a budget here at the Lawler/Mecca plantation so we can get our house painted so I refrained from buying pots. ( OH...that always hurts when I do!!) Please check out the website for the Energy Xchange..I know its a great place!

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