Kids plates

Here's a quick post from a few shows back. Some people wanted to see the finished plates I put in the Song Catchers show that is currently at Lark and Key in Charlotte. Like I said, I didn't get to go to the opening but Ron, Amy and Julie where there and Ron was nice enough to snap this photo for me of my plates. Sandy Snead, one of the owners made each of us a DVD with all the tunes each artist picked for there work. I've been enjoying that, of course the only connection to the show I have is the pieces and the songs that each of my potter buddies had chosen. At a glace I'm still not taken with how my plates came out but the subject matter and "assignment" was completed in my mind. I guess I would give myself a B- on this.( The photo is a little far away so I'm just going by what my memory is.) My girls where so thrilled to see there drawing on this snap-shot. They think they are famous artists now!
Can you tell I've been working on my course work for my class...I'm totally in teacher mode this week!

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