Hope everyone had a good July 4th...we did! I've been able to get in a lot of studio time in along with some family fun. Today we took the kids to see Wall-E and thought it was great - good message. For once I was glad to see a G-rated movie that was not to corny for grown-ups that was not rated PG because it had to have off color humor so adults will sit through it with there kids. ( I'll get off my moral band-wagon....) Go see Wall-E!
Here are a few shots of things..salt/pepper and some covered jars. The finished salt/peppers are seconds that I've kept around so I can get the proportions right.

Here are some lilies from my garden. It is just so cool to really look at the detail of a flower when it finally opens up. I'm always in awe of things like this. I got the Wayside seed catalog a few weeks ago and I'm still looking at all the plants and getting some ideas for some new drawings on my pots. I like to take real floral images and change them to have a more representation look to them. I do lilies a lot on my pieces because they are one of my favorite flowers.

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