Today was spent staining pieces to go in the bisque kiln and throwing small casseroles,platters and relish dishes. Later in the day I headed out to the shed to pug more clay. Since I have such a small space, when scrapes of clay start piling up I have no where to store them so I end up pugging my clay at least once a week in small amounts. Here are the girls helping me for the first time. I'm having more patience with them wanting to be with me while I work. Usually when I'm getting ready to throw and I need some peace, I very nicely explain to them that I need to think and if they want to be out working with me, they need to be pretty quiet. Today I knew they wanted to watch me use the pug-mill so I gave them some clay and they worked away on pinch pots while I reconstituted my porcelain. Boy does that work zone look like its needs some serious cleaning!

Today was also spent reading my text book in preparation for the Art Appreciating class that I'm going to teach in the fall. Its nice to
re- familiarize myself with paintings and historic events that shaped the art world. This turns on a whole different light bulb in my brain when it comes to what I do for a living.


Anonymous said...

Ms Mecca,

I am sooo glad to see that your work space is a pit like mine. I spent a little time at least sweeping the floor the other day. I feel like I have been doing glaze tests all summer. Good luck with the Art Appreciation. I actually like to teach it better than my art history courses. If you need anything let me know. Your girls are so big! I can't believe it. Eli likes to help alot too. He tags along everywhere but really isn't big enough to do too much. He loves to feed the chickens and chase them.


Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Amy, I'm sending an email with some questions about your class. Jen

Ron said...

Where can I get one of those Piggly Wiggly shirts???

Jen Mecca said...

You know it says...." I"M big on the Pig!" We all have one!

Maybe for Christmas, Santa and her elves will bring you one. Jen