Today is Tuesday but I'm still thinking the weekend. I had made a big calendar Friday that I hung on my studio door telling me all I needed to do each day. Well, I'm still working on some of the things today that I had posted for Sunday, hence my time warp issue.

I forgot to mention that Saturday I took Joey on a little excursion for his birthday. He wrote more about it on his blog Smakeapple but it was one of those few weekend days in a long time I did not do any work. We went up to a winery about 2 hours away from here called Childress Vineyards. I really wanted to do something as special for him on his birthday as he had done for me but I just didn't have the funds or the time since it is fall and I'm feeling slammed with getting as much stuff made and sold as I can. We had a nice day together just the two of us, and that evening some friends of ours came over with there children to just hang out. Very low key and for the most part, that is what Joey is all about so I think he enjoyed the day. ( Hopefully maybe when we are older I can surprise him with some far away destination!)

Today I made glazes and finished up some boxes. Boxes take so long to make/finish. I think each box took me at least an hour to clean up, put feet on, make flanges for the lids and "dress" so to say. I finally admitted to myself that I really hate making glazes. I wonder if anyone really likes doing that?? Tonight I have to glaze and get a kiln loaded for two orders that need to go out. I'm really stressing about getting everything done for Thanksgiving weekend. I decided not to do the Carolina Pottery festival this weekend. I could of shared a booth with someone but I just do not have the work or time to spare.

Here are my butter dishes. I thought they kind of looked like little chickens roosting!


Judi Tavill said...

I'm pretty sure i i hate making glazes too.... and have less and less interest in them... maybe this is passing, maybe it is my future... I still like the work best at the bisque stage quite often..... is this a sign? of what? being lazy or a new CLEAR direction?

Jen Mecca said...

I use to say that I loved to glaze~ What was I thinking! That was when I did salt work and I really did'nt have to glaze that much now I dread it. I think I hold my breath everytime I dip something.
( maybe I should of been a jewler)

Judi Tavill said...

ick. i know.

Anonymous said...

The butter dishes are so cute!!
I've never made glazes of my own. I heard that it's pretty complicated...
It's always nice to have the childless time once in a while. I'm sure that your husband appreciate your thoughtfulness.