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Daylight saving time is something I always look forward to but today it has kind of thrown me off a bit. That and the fact I have a cold so my head is a bit foggy today and I'm walking around in a fog. I'm just taking a quick lunch break to check my email. This morning Joey and I worked on getting my plastic up on my studio-porch. I was freezing last week and when that happens I'll find every excuse not to work late.
Friday I went and got more bricks for my chimney. We also attempted to finish up my chimney stack but found that the bricks where not exactly the same size as my other bricks so we are going to have to do some cutting. Joey felt like we needed to wait until right before the guy comes to weld the whole thing together because he has fears of the chimney getting to high and it tumbling down. I guess anything is possible so I agreed with him. I really hope the guy who's helping me with the welding can come next weekend because I need for this project to be done soon!
Today I'm firing a bisque and working on boxes plus packing up pots for our Circle of Eight show next weekend at the WoodenStone Gallery in Davidson. I'm waiting to hear weather I'm going to do the Carolina Pottery Festival next weekend or not...I was on the waiting list and it may be a blessing in disguise considering I'm feeling a bit behind in my potting.
Hope you had a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
Ahhhhh, I remember daylight saving time. As I grew up in Japan, I never even thought of "changing time!!" untill I started living in the U.S. Although I didn't have to change time at all when I lived in AZ. I don't know why Arizona doesn't have daylight saving time.

It's too bad that you have to work in your condition... I guess it's the busiest time of the year for crafters. Have some chicken soup, and get well soon!!

Oh, I'm starting to bring many of my pots home lately. The photos are posted on my blog.