Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
We are all here in Raleigh for about 4 days staying with my sister Pam and her family. Today she cooked a good feast for the 12 of us and we celebrated Quaid's 7th birthday! ( I have no idea how he got to that age so fast!)
We got here on Wednesday and Joey , my brother-in-law and I headed over the show to start setting up. My brother-in-law is a whiz at everything so I knew he could help me figure out how my lights show go in my booth. It was so exciting seeing my black curtains all up and getting my booth display up also. Joey and Dave ended up going to Lowes and getting me these awesome high tec lights for my booth which just made it look so put together. Tomorrow I'm heading over there in the morning to finish setting up by myself and than at 6pm the shows opens! Very Exciting! There are lots of familiar faces for me doing this show since I once lived here in Raleigh, which is nice.

Up top is a postcard for my open house Dec. 15th from 10 to 5pm. I've been working so hard and plan on getting right back to work once I get home to make more stuff so I have a good selection for my home show. I haven't done a holiday show in 3 years and I kind of missed that. Its fun having all the decorations up in my house and my pots on display in the living room. It also gives me an excuse to have a day of eating nothing but appetizers and sweets!!

Give a big round of applause once again for my husband who did the postcards for me along with a thousand other things to help me get ready for this show.


Judi Tavill said...

jen- the postcard is super!!! I did my whole invitation list via email!!!! (for my studio sale) It starts sunday- I am in Columbus, Ohio through Saturday though... wish me luck... etsy is fine... it goes in waves and it definatey helps to list and relist frequently!!!I've had some great sales and some verrrry slow periods!!! Right now I am not replenishing because I want to sell from my studio sale!!!

Scott Smith said...

Jen, can you shoot me an email with both sides of the postcard for your sale? I want to share with some work friends. Will you be at the Clayworks sale on Friday & Saturday?

Anne Webb said...

Great postcard, Jen. (what software did he use to make it up?)
Hope your sale was a great success!