On Track

Quick update...here's my calendar and I'm up to date!( So far so good.) Isn't it a mess? I've had a bunch of school functions and more next week. The kids have been really great about letting me work in the afternoon after school. They have been playing play dough, out in the leaves and watching some movies so it has worked out pretty good. Today I start to glaze-3 loads to get in! Wish me luck!

Here are a bunch of flower blocks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I hope you have a really good Thanksgiving and an especially great show. It sounds like you have been working your buns off. I hope it all pays off! Good Luck!

Amy E

Jen Mecca said...

Yes, it has been crazy for me. I just hope I have enough work and if I don't....well I hope atleast the show goes well since I've put so much into it. My pots are getting so detailed ( like they have'nt ever been before) that it takes me so long to finish anything. blah..blah...blah..Lets move onto you!!

What's going on with you guys?