Some good info.

There has been a lot of talk back and forth between people about weather or not to cancel your pottery magazine subscription or not. I'm a bit ashamed to say I still get mine but my reasoning behind this is so I can enter national show and get my work out there some more. Most of the time I look at CM just once when I get it, comment to myself about what I DON"T like in there ( or do ) and go straight to the back for the show info and enjoy finding out of who is where and doing what. I do read Clay Times because the people who write the articles in there are pretty funny and easy to understand.
Today I got my CM in the mail and in the front there had there Buyers Guide section. I have to admit it had some great useful information in there that I think I will post on my walls in my studio for reference or copy for my students. Here is some of the information I thought was useful just in case you don't get Ceramics Monthly but just want to buy this one issue.
* How Glazes Melt
* Primary Function of Common ceramic materials
*The many faces of Iron
*Brushes for China Painting
*Making perfect Plaster
* Repair your elements in a electric kiln
( Something I did not know much about in Grad school since I only used gas/salt kilns)
*How low voltage effects firing time
( Again, electric firing sometimes is not as simple as everyone thinks it is and you need help in understanding things like this)
*Kiln fireing chart( great for students)
*Temp. equivalents for ortan cones
*Glossary of common terms
( Great for teaching when you need to find the def. for a term that is not is those thousands of books you have on your personal ceramic book shelf!)

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! We had a great time but the photo's did not come out that great. Just for the record we had a Wonder Women, Spider-Girl and Ninja at our house. They had more fun handing out candy when they came home than going to get candy I think. I had a nice visit on my porch with my friend MaryAnna - pizza and wine while Joey took the kids around. We got tons of trick-or-treaters here so its always a good night to be out of the studio.


Scott Smith said...

Sounds worthwhile - do you know where I could pick up a copy of the current issue?

Same for my kids - they enjoy handing the candy out more than trick-or-treating. I wonder why?

We should get your Wonder Woman & Spider Girl together with our Super Girl for a photo opp!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan! It's Yuko! it's been a while. I feel so silly because I've been checking your blog almost everyday, and didn't see any new posting since Sept. 29...and was starting to wonder if you're doing okay.
And I just found out that when I added this site to "my favorites" I added the post on Sept.29.

Well, I just quickly read through a month worth! haha.

I'm glad you're doing great and staying busy.

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Yuko,
How are your pots coming along? Send me your blog address again, I like to see your photo's. Jen

Unknown said...

Although I am letting my subscriptino expire, I did receive that guide, and was glad for it!!

Anne Webb said...

Hey thanks for posting about CM. My subscription lapsed so I periodically pick up a copy at the newsstand.. this one sounds worth the trip.

Best of luck getting the rest of your chimney up asap. You have been very patient through the whole process. :)