Blowing Rock photo's

Well here are a few more shots of the pieces I took to Blowing Rock. I had a good show considering I was teetering on a slop with my booth. That was not fun! You can't see from this photo but all my stands are up on so many shim, I'm not even sure where we found them all. The entire set-up was also held together with bungee-cords attached to my tent. Good thing it was not a windy day or I think I would of must packed up and went home.
I took this photo because I wanted to show my new mug display. Once again, like everything else, I'm so sure now that I bought it weather I like it or not but I'll try at one of my indoor shows and see if it may look a better. I guess it takes awhile to get use to things and see what is the best way for them to fit into your display.

I'm experimenting with many more colored clay bodies on my pots. Below is a square flower block with orange flowers on the top.
My pillow tiles are always a good way to work out designs and experiment. Here are some more examples of the colored clay.

I need to get to bed!


Anonymous said...

well i hope you did well but having everything tethered together with bungee cords and shims would make the day very stressful and keep me worried that it would all come tumbling down

Linda Starr said...

I love your display; your pottery is so beautiful against the black. I love the flower brick with the orange flowers on top. Do your pillow tiles have a hole on the back to hang? Your bowl that Tracey posted on her site is spectacular.

The first time I used my tent at a mountain festival, it was so windy the sides ripped at the seams, I could have used a few bungees that day.

Jen Mecca said...

Nothing is worse than a windy day and a tent. I've been in that situation before where I held my tent all day. Last weekend I just would not let any get near a pot without some help.
And yes Linda, the pillow tiles have a hole in the back and a wire for hanging.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmm, gorgeous!

Scott Smith said...

the mug display is GREAT!