How wonderful it is to work

The small amounts of time I've been able to be in my studio this week have been wonderful. Last night I got a full 3 hours in and this evening I will be able to do the same. Its not much, but its a good start to get the ball rolling. Once I've been away for a long stretch I appreciate how much I really enjoy what I do.

Here are a few shots.....
Small trays for working out designs. You'll see some cupcakes and more terra sigg work plus the colored clay. I'm really enjoying these new things on my tiles so I'm going to slowy branch out and try them on a few other things.

Some bottles lined up like soldiers...at least in my mind. Getting back into the mode of creating takes a bit of just good old production items for me. I like to relax, throw forms that I really don't think about and just make without looking/thinking....like playing the piano after you played the same song for years. Your hands just know what to do and where to hit the keys. Last night I cranked out a bunch of these bottles while watching a series on Ade and Mary Lincoln that was wonderful. Just the rhythm of throwing gets me thinking, moving and planning.
Here are some more guys getting ready for some arms, fancy hair-doo's and soon they will be "dressed" with lines and ornaments.
My hold up has been of course my teaching and getting the kids back into their little schedule and school life but mostly....my studio has been taken over. Its for a good cause'. Here you see the doors to the cabinets Joey is slowly painting. Last week the house got turned upside down again with the start of our laundry room being torn apart. In the process the men put things in my studio with no regard for what it is for. People who don't create I don't think know how important your working space really is! I didn't say anything but quietly moved everything last night when I finally got in there to work. I'm thinking in another week the whole space will be mine again and I can really concentrate on working.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend~


annie singletary said...

Jen, I have read your blog for a while. just started one of my own actually. I just had to comment on this one because of the laundry room. I love reading about how you juggle momhood and claywork. It's encouraging to me as a mom and potter. just wanted to say thanks for your honest words, they are much appreciated, love the vase forms.

Jen Mecca said...

Thank you Annie. I think only certain folks can relate to what I talk about most days on here. I'm glad you enjoy my day to day trials with juggling everything...perhapse at times I should say that it is rewarding being able to do it all. Good luck with you blog! I'll have to look you up! Jen

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmmm, YES, gorgeous bottles, and I like the many details you add!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

in answer to your question.....Stewart Ave collegetown

Anonymous said...

great work... particularly the little trays, the black and white photography's a good choice too.