Show update

Evening everyone!

Ok..no photo's tonight..sorry. I did get out to my studio and worked a little bit these last two days but I mostly cleaned up paint mess and saw dust and mixed a little more terra sigg so..nothing to exciting, just trays and some bottles.

Lots of computer work going on. Updating mailing lists, writing syllabus's ( is that a word??) working on my class website so its all set for the semester and on and on. Guess I've also been chatting with my buddies out in cyber land.

I did update my show section here on the blog. Not as many shows as last year because I haven't applied to anything lately. I guess I'm taking a little break and I'm hording pots away until I have a huge new body of work to photograph and send out to the masses. ( Now that was a little dramatic but my cartoon thoughts are getting in the way.)

Quaid is really into Calvin and Hobbs lately and every night before we go to bed he makes me read to him in an animated way. I swear Bill Watterson must know a little boy who has ADD because Calvin reminds me so much of my little boy. Maybe Bill was Calvin when he was young. At any rate, Quaid and I laugh and laugh and he likes to find strips that remind him of situations here at the house.
We'll see if I can get some photo's up tomorrow and some more pots made.


Brian said...

Syllabi ??

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Calvin: c'est moi :)

Jen Mecca said...

.....ahhhh..yes....Syllabi..thank you Scott!